Tips for proper cutting of a tree using a chainsaw

Chainsaw is not a tool which could do the job without having any significant input from you. It is true that it is very powerful and versatile equipment, but still the productivity of your any related project is ensured when you make the full use of the tool. The majority of the users today use it for the purpose of cutting the logs or for the trees. Both are serious tasks and require a lot of planning in order to make the most of the chainsaw tool. Here, we will be specifically talking about the usage of the chainsaw tool for cutting a tall tree which probably is rated as the most difficult job that you can ever do while using such a sophisticated equipment. The following section must be read from point to point by all the professional and amateur readers who are having issue sin cutting down a tree using the chainsaw.

Tips for chopping down a tall tree using a chainsaw:

There are many things related to your safety and the maintenance of the tool which must be ensured before you begin with any task. But for now, we will be concentrating primarily on the tree cutting tips with the use of a chain saw which are given as follows:

Preparing the environment –

The environment preparation means that the surrounding area where the tree would later fall should be cleared from everybody and all of your belongings. It is the first step which ensures human safety and also of the things that you possess. Using a ladder, the top of the tree must be tied to a rope which must be held up by one or two people in order to give it a balance once it lean towards its tilted direction.

Determine the direction in which the tree is tilted –

This is where your planning starts and you devise out a strategy as how you are going to cut the tree. Every tree in this world has a certain shape and almost all of them are tilted in some direction which is notable in most of the cases. Therefore, determine the direction in which the tree is tilted and then start by cutting a notch in that tilting direction.

Cutting against the notch from the other side –

The first notch that you make shouldn’t be more than 25 percent of the total circumference of the tree. Once you accomplish this goal, then the next step is to cut again a notch from the other side which is towards the first notch that you created using the chainsaw. Once this second cut gets deepened, then the tree will start slightly to lean well away from you. And it’s the time the tree has got its final cut.

The tree finally fells –

Once either the notches meet or they are near to meet, the tree falls down. Make sure that you or the other guys helping you in the project are well aware of the fall and they have taken all safety precautions in order to avoid any injury. It should be kept in mind that the whole area where the tree is going to feel down should be made clear of any human or living thing around it in order to avoid any accidents or loss.


It is just not an easy work to get a tall and huge tree down to the ground with just one blow. Rather, it’s a whole set of various steps that you will have to take before, during and after you have deployed your cutting tool. There should be a clear vision in front of you about how you will manage to cut the tree and what would be the best point where you will start cutting for better cutting and quick results.

Determining the right direction and the right point to cut a tree is as important as it is to use the chainsaw in the correct manner. So it would be in your favor, if you follow all necessary steps carefully so that the whole task gets completed quickly and easily without any problems.

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