How to Choose a Patio Set in Natural Materials

If you choose natural materials for your new patio set, you will find that your furniture blends well with the garden environment. It will feel like part of the whole garden area, rather than sticking out like blood on snow. That strong contrast is the effect you would be creating if you chose white plastic garden furniture, for example.

For the most part, the materials in which patios are made are in natural colors too (being made of terracotta or stone, which may be quarried or reconstituted to look like it). Patio sets made of natural material seem like an extension of this and any vegetation growing around the patio, and will be easily integrated into the overall effect.

To get the natural look with your outdoor furniture, choose a patio set in wicker, bamboo or teak in a natural medium brown shade in a classic style. These materials will not demand attention but they all have a look of quality which will attract admiring glances.

If you want to add a dash of color you can do so with accessories. Small touches of color, exactly mimic nature where you have a lot of greenery and brown branches enhanced with a few bright flowers.

When choosing cushions for your patio furniture you can either stick with a natural theme and choose plain cotton or linen cushions in cream, beige or soft green or use the opportunity to add some color. If you choose natural, plain cushions for your patio set, you can always add color with a throw, tablecloth or colored pots of flowers on your patio instead.

If you want to light your patio at night, do not choose anything too bright or garish such as colored lights if you want to maintain the natural theme. You can usually create sufficient light with small lanterns or even a candle or two on your outdoor table.

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