Beginners Guide to Buying Patio Lights For Garden

Patio umbrella lights are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun goes down.  There are many different styles of patio umbrella lighting available and which type of patio umbrella light you choose will depend on the mood you are looking to evoke, the style that complements your outdoor décor, as well as how much light you need.

Patio umbrella lights can be battery operated, electric or solar powered, and can provide a festive atmosphere or create a more romantic mood around your patio.  No matter what style you choose, a patio umbrella with lights can extend the use of your outdoor space, liven up the party, or simply give you and your family some extra time to enjoy together outdoors.  And all of these benefits come at a reasonable price, since most outdoor patio umbrella lights are relatively inexpensive to purchase, as well as easy to install.

Not sure which type of patio umbrella lights to choose?  Here are a few options to consider:

Patio umbrella light styles:

patio umbrella lightsPatio umbrella string lights – These are some of the most popular patio umbrella lights available and provide a festive atmosphere for any patio.  They are perfect for party or for everyday use and attach to the ribs of the patio umbrella, where they light up the night overhead.  Patio umbrella string light options are available in different colors and styles, with some of the more popular styles having names such as Island and Harbor – evoking a festive feel.  Patio umbrellas can still be closed up with umbrella string lights attached.

Patio umbrella chandelier lights – For a touch of elegance and romance, add a patio umbrella chandelier light to your outdoor space.  These lights resemble mini chandeliers that gracefully hang beneath your patio umbrella and provide a soft ambient glow.

patio umbrella lightsPatio umbrella lamp lights – These lights look more like a lamp or lantern and attach to the umbrella pole.  A patio umbrella lamp light can contain a single light, or may contain two, three or even four lights spaced around the pole to look like a lamppost.  These are sometimes referred to as patio umbrella globe lights, since the lights are typically surrounded by globes.

patio umbrella lightsPatio umbrella sphere lights – This style includes a single light that is clamped around the umbrella pole.  A patio umbrella sphere light is round with a number of lights shining down and can provide varying amounts of light to your patio table.  The light can be adjusted to rest at any height of the umbrella pole that you want.

Patio umbrella party lights – Similar in style to patio umbrella string lights, a set of patio umbrella party lights can have your patio looking festive in no time.  Select from styles such as tropical luau, Mexican fiesta, or holiday themes to light up your next outdoor get together.

Patio umbrella candle lights – These lights resemble a set of candles gracing the edges of the patio umbrella pole, but are small incandescent or LED lights, rather than real candles which can be a fire hazard.  They provide a romantic feel outdoors when the sun goes down.

Power sources for patio umbrella lights:

Battery operated patio umbrella lights – By using a battery, patio umbrella lights can be used anywhere, without having to worry about a power source.  Some styles use rechargeable batteries and others use traditional C or D size batteries.

Electric patio umbrella lights – While you will find some styles of patio umbrella lights that run off of electricity, there are not many, since having to plug the lights into a power source is not always convenient out on your patio.  In some cases, battery operated umbrella lights will also come with an AC adapter so you have the choice of which power source to use.

Solar patio umbrella lights – A solar patio umbrella light soaks up energy from the sun by day in order to provide ambient lighting by night and this style of umbrella light is becoming increasingly more popular due to its environmentally friendly nature.

Types of lights for patio umbrellas:

LED patio umbrella lights – Many patio umbrella lights contain LED lights, rather than incandescent bulbs.  LED bulbs do not burn hot, do not attract insects, are more energy efficient, and last far longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent patio umbrella lights – For styles of patio umbrella lights that resemble more traditional lights (such as lamp lights or globe lights), incandescent bulbs are still often used.  They are inexpensive to change and come in varying wattage.

Patio umbrella light installation is simple to do and typically only requires a few minutes to attach the lights to the umbrella canopy or umbrella pole. Patio umbrella light prices will vary by design and manufacturer, but most are a relatively inexpensive addition to your patio and provide many benefits.  You can buy patio umbrella lights at many retailers that sell patio umbrellas, patio furniture, and other outdoor décor, and you can also easily find patio umbrella lights online by doing a quick search.  In addition to online patio and backyard accessory retailers that offer different light styles, you can find patio umbrella lights at sites such as and Ebay.

There are many different styles of patio umbrella lights to choose from and no matter what style you choose, you will be able to get added use from your patio space long after the sun goes down.

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