4 Essential Tools You Should Have At Your House

There are some people who seem to have an uncanny knack of keeping their home in top shape throughout the year without any outside help. Most of us assume that this is due to them spending a huge amount of money on hiring professionals who take care of all this stuff for them, since we can’t comprehend any other way in which they might be able to achieve this.

However, the truth is that, with the help of a few tools in your house, you can ensure that your house always looks perfect without having to shell out a huge chunk of your savings from your pocket. This article will elucidate four essential tools you should have at your house to keep it fully functional.

#1 Adjustable Wrenches:

How many times have you had to call in a plumber just because a tap developed a minor leak, and you were scared that it may eventually create a deluge which would flood your house entirely? How many times have you called a local handyman to simply tighten a couple of bolts on the roof of your garage?

No doubt, even a single occurrence is one too many as experience has taught us. All they seem to do is spend some time finding the wrench of the right size, tightening a few bolts or a tap, inspecting the remaining ones and ending up charging you their exorbitant hourly fee plus their minimum charges- which are not really affordable for most households. We can’t blame them either, since their time has to be worth something.


However, visits for unnecessary reasons can be avoided by investing in a pair of adjustable wrenches which can be adjusted to fit just about any bolt or tap around your house and enable you to do the bare minimum by yourself and put off the handyman visit for larger projects or repairs.

#2 Interchangeable Screwdrivers:

After nuts, the most omnipresent pieces of hardware that are extremely small, yet cause innumerable issues at home, or for that matter with any other piece of equipment are screws. They are very easy to tighten, but the only issue which most people face is that they have differently shaped heads. Some are star shaped, while some have a single slit which make it difficult to use one screwdriver for all types of screws.

However, nowadays, it is very easy to acquire interchangeable screwdrivers which allow for changing the tip of the screwdriver. The variants are made to suit all purses. This allows you to use a single screwdriver for multiple jobs and across multiple appliances allowing you to prevent frequent visits by handymen, electricians etc.

Not only this, these can be invaluable for use in any DIY project you take up, which is again a great way to not only save money, but to stamp your individuality on your home.

#3. Chainsaw:

A chainsaw might seem like a huge investment or even something that appears to be overkill when it comes to maintaining your house. However, when you think of it, if you are even moderately efficient with your hands, you can benefit hugely by investing in a chainsaw.

A chainsaw can help you cut huge blocks of wood like a hot knife through butter. Whether it is revamping your garage, building a shelter for your dog or just trying to pass time with a new hobby, a chainsaw can be of immeasurable benefit to you.  Even if you do not wish to really go all out with your chainsaw, it can still be of great help for minor modifications, repairs and replacements for several years to come.

Otherwise, it can just help you release stress. Just try cutting up a few blocks of wood with this incredibly powerful machine, and you’ll get what we are talking about!

#4. Measuring Tape:

While this might seem like an anticlimax, a measuring tape is perhaps the most important tool in this list and with good reason. Measuring where to hammer your nail, the intervals at which you should be drilling holes in your wall, how long of a plank you need to order for repairing the cracked one in your garage and exactly how much to cut off with that powerful chainsaw you have in your backyard- all require a measuring tape to accurately make decisions and get your job done easily.

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